Franco Harris signs on as Executive Producer for the Mike Webster Biopic Whatever It Takes

Date: May 4, 2015

Posse Films, the production company behind the motion picture based on legendary Steelers center Mike Webster has announced today that Steeler great, Franco Harris, will join the team as an Executive Producer.

"We are thrilled and blessed to have Franco Harris on our team. He is a legend in Pittsburgh and throughout the NFL community," stated Travis Cloyd, President of Posse Films.

"In the world of football Mike Webster was at the 'center' of one of the greatest teams in NFL history. His accomplishments on and off the field are important to tell and we are looking forward to sharing this with you in our film," said Franco Harris, Executive Producer.

Franco Harris was a teammate of Mike Webster from 1974-1983 when they won 4 Super Bowls in 6 years and combined for 13 Pro Bowls. Both are in the Hall of Fame and both were major reasons why the team was dominant in the 1970s.

"After football, Mike Webster's place in this world is a entirely different story. His story captured national attention and brought the topic of concussions to the forefront. In our film Mike will show a pattern of behavior which has become all too familiar, but the story will inspire all of us to recognize this condition and to explore ways to make things better," Mr. Harris said.

The movie titled, 'Whatever It Takes: The Mike Webster Story,' covers the life of Mike Webster and the struggles he experienced post career caused by Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Randall R. Benson, M.D. who teamed with the Webster family and then Posse Films to push this project forward said, "Franco encouraged me from the start of this project.  He loved Mike for what he brought to the team and what he fought for post football.  Franco's life after football has squarely been about promoting health in the community.  Franco Harris has a history of compassion and loyalty for people. In short, we are honored and grateful for Franco Harris becoming part of our team."



Posse Films Partners with Barco to Create Projects for its Multi-Screen, Panoramic Movie Format, Barco Escape

Date: April 21, 2015

Digital cinema market share leader Barco and Posse Films announce today a multi-title agreement for Posse Films to release projects for its three-screen, panoramic movie format, Barco Escape. “Racer’s Heart,” a story based on NASCAR Hall of Fame member Bobby Allison, is slated as the first film under the new partnership.

Posse Films, which controls the rights to several historically significant and uplifting true stories, will leverage the Barco Escape technology to give viewers an immersive experience inside NASCAR racing not available on a single screen. 

“We want our audience to feel as if they are in the race car going over 200+ miles per hour with Bobby,” says Travis Cloyd, President of Posse Films. “We are excited to utilize this game changing technology to create captivating experiences that truly envelop our audiences.”

“‘Racer’s Heart’ is a great fit for Barco Escape’s fully immersive experience,” says Todd Hoddick, Vice President Global Entertainment from Barco. “We’re thrilled to partner with such an innovative production company and look forward to collaborating with Posse Films to bring audiences a compelling new way to watch movies.” 

Posse Films joins a growing group of filmmakers committed to developing for Barco Escape. Barco recently announced Jerry Bruckheimer Films signed on to bring multiple projects to the format, with Bruckheimer joining the Barco Escape board.

Barco Escape debuted in theaters in September with director Wes Ball and 20th Century Fox’s hit film “The Maze Runner,” which featured select scenes in the three-screen format. Its next release is a special performance event with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, which was the first film to be shot natively for Barco Escape. 

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Posse Films Announces Film About Legendary NASCAR Driver Bobby Allison Entitled: Racer's Heart

Date: April 2, 2015

Posse Films, LLC, the inspirational feature film production company that controls the rights to several historically significant and uplifting life stories, recently announced the making of a biopic about the larger-than-life NASCAR pioneer, and NASCAR Hall of Fame member, Bobby Allison.

Together with the Allison family, the Posse Films team will put the dramatic story of one of the greatest NASCAR legends on the silver screen. Posse Films is in pre-production on the heart-centered motivational story of Bobby Allison.

“My family and I are thrilled to have this film produced by Posse Films,” Bobby Allison said in a recent statement. “Mark and his team at Posse Films are like family to us, and I know we can trust them with our story.”

Posse Films Chairman Mark Sutcliffe expressed his excitement and about the project: “It is truly an honor to tell Bobby and Judy’s story, and we are committed to telling this compelling true story that will be exciting for NASCAR fans. The further gifts of this story are Bobby and Judy’s lifelong love story and their continued faith through life’s worst kind of tragedies, which will be inspirational for moviegoers of every type,” he said. “It’s amazing how the Allison family have endured the extreme highs and lows of racing over the years, and they have done it gracefully and faithfully, which really defines inspiration.”

The Allisons’ daughter, Bonnie, said, “This film will allow others to witness the strength of the Allison family faith and ability to live through unbelievable pain, and that is what sustains the rest of us and shows us that life goes on and you can enjoy it.”

The movie project will be based on Bobby Allison’s rise to the top of NASCAR as a three-time Daytona 500 winner, followed by a crash that ended Bobby’s career at 50 years of age. Thereafter, Bobby and Judy suffer the loss of their two beloved racing sons. The film will showcase the highs and lows of the 55-year love story between Bobby and Judy Allison.

Judy Allison stated, “I trust Posse Films to share this story with the world and to show others that there is hope when all seems lost.”




Posse Films / Mike Webster News Interview On WTAE Pittsburgh

Date: March 27, 2014


Posse Films Announces Film About NFL Legend 'Iron' Mike Webster

Date: December 2, 2014

Posse Films, LLC., the inspirational film production company that controls the rights to several historically significant and uplifting life stories, recently announced the making of a biopic about the riveting, gritty, true story of 'Iron' Mike Webster.

Together with the Webster family and Dr. Randall Benson, the Posse Films team will put together the dramatic and inspiring story of one of the toughest football players in NFL history. Hall of Fame center, Mike Webster, anchored the Pittsburgh Steelers' four Super Bowl winning teams of the 1970's and recently has become the symbol for brain injuries in the NFL's long debate over player safety. Webster died in 2002 at the age of 50. Said former Hall of Famer and teammate Franco Harris: "I loved Mike Webster. He was a great teammate and an even greater person."

Sonny Jani, Webster's close friend the last few years of his life and caretaker of the Webster family's estate, in a recent statement said, "The family and I are absolutely thrilled to have this film produced by the team of Dr. Randall Benson and Posse Films. There were other significant groups that approached us, but we all believed that Dr. Benson and Posse Films would do the best job telling our story. Dr. Benson understands what Mike went through and we trust him and Posse Films to tell our story."

Posse Films' Co-Founder & Producer, Travis Cloyd, expressed both excitement and a sense of obligation regarding the project: "It is truly an honor for us to tell Mike Webster's heroic story, and we are committed to presenting it authentically and powerfully," he said. "It's amazing how this man and his family have not only suffered through his tragic but courageous life after football, but they are again squarely in the middle of this ever-contentious debate over player safety, as well as the long term effects of brain injury and what the NFL did or didn't know."

While the role of Mike Webster has yet to be cast, Posse Films has been focused on telling the ultimate story. "It's hard to do justice to Mike's life in a 90-minute film. It's nearly impossible," said Mark Sutcliffe, Producer & Posse Films Chairman: "The life of Mike Webster is the most dramatic and unfortunate story that I've ever heard of in football."

"Mike Webster saved his greatest play for after football," said Dr. Randall Benson, Producer, and Medical Director at Center for Neurological Studies. "Sonny Jani saved Mike Webster from being another tragic NFL statistic and in so doing forever changed the narrative regarding head injury and football. The Webster family and I have found the perfect partner in Posse Films to make an epic movie based on the inspirational story of a man who always did whatever it takes."



New Inspirational Entertainment Company Launches As Posse Films

Date: Sept 17, 2013

Posse Films, LLC. an international film production and distribution company is currently leading the charge of a new era in filmmaking with stories that will inspire many. The core business of Posse Films is worldwide production and licensing of movie rights properties based on amazing and inspirational true stories of primarily American Heroes.

Posse Films is currently in production on multiple biopic films based on famous celebrities, athletes and historical figures. Posse Films Co-Founder & CMO Travis Cloyd states, "We make films that allow moviegoers to walk in the shoes of a hero for a couple of hours who's achieved things that we all dream about, but seldom conquer."

The film company says it's committed to working with innovative film makers as part of each project. Posse Films has been created to finance, develop, acquire and produce inspirational motion pictures across a variety of platforms throughout the world. Posse Films CEO Richard Berry adds, "What separates Posse Films from the rest of Hollywood is that we honor, appreciate, and include the heroes, investors, and the families of the heroes that we are fortunate enough to be in business with, by creating a transparent and equitable profit model."

Posse Films also invests in outside projects involving quality content and A-list talent as well as up-and-coming actors, directors, writers and producers. Posse Films will finance and produce up to five feature films annually and will invest in senior, mezzanine and equity tranches to manage and control risks, in order to achieve superior investor returns.

About Posse Films: Headquartered in Hollywood, California Posse Films launched in 2013 with aims to be a leader in the motion picture industry and is focused on inspirational entertainment through its fully integrated production and distribution platforms.