Just imagine for a moment if pictures were produced and distributed that actually met the needs of the audience, with each film being well-crafted, hard hitting, emotional and relevant while answering life's toughest questions rather than the typical mundane story lavished with special effects. Recent polls demonstrate that today's audiences are tired of graphic sex and violence designed to cover a weak story line. They are fed up with foul language that is rampant throughout a film, yet the onslaught is relentless. Each week theater listings are filled with stories about perversion, murder, mayhem, corruption, abuse, and of course drug, alcohol and substance addiction. The majority of which contains no redeeming value.

At POSSE FILMS, our objective is to influence entertainment by producing and distributing profitable, life-changing movies that audiences will never forget. To do so, each film will employ a talented and highly-skilled team backed by a reasonable budget (without the traditional frills), that includes a well-designed and very significant marketing and advertising campaign.

Racer’s Heart


The story of Bobby Allison, Hall of Fame NASCAR legend, is a journey of triumph, tragedy, love, and faith that has inspired a generation of NASCAR drivers and fans alike. "Racer's Heart" is an exhilarating front row seat to a life lived fast and fully. Bobby's sons followed their father’s footsteps in racing and flying, sharing his need for speed. Tragically both sons died pursuing their dreams leaving America and the Allison family in a wake of grief. Bobby and Judy Allison’s love story transports us to a place called hope where we can feel what grace is all about.



Payne Stewart was more than just a professional golfer who won eleven PGA Tour events, three major championships including his final win at the U.S. Open just a few months before his untimely death at the age of 42. Payne’s spirit, personality, and the transformation of his heart transcended the sport of golf. This motion picture, “Payne Stewart” tells the story of a man powerfully choosing to come to terms with his purpose, his faith, and the legacy that would be left for his family and loved ones.

James Dean


In a mere 16 months in Hollywood, James Dean left an indelible mark in Cinematic History. A deep desire to be the best at his craft, fueled by a boyhood promise, took him down a path that turned Hollywood mogul Jack Warner into his strongest detractor--and also the man that made him the highest paid actor of his time. The Dean story as never seen before, straight from Alan Hauge, the only producer to ever read James Dean’s personal diary and have a script approved by the Dean family.

Whatever It Takes


A riveting, gritty true story based on the life of "Iron" Mike Webster who anchored the Pittsburgh Steelers' four Super Bowl teams of the 1970's and later became the symbol for head injuries in the NFL's long debate over player safety. He embodied the Noll credo, 'Whatever It Takes', until football took everything he had... including his mind. In one final heroic, selfless play after football, Webster leaves a greater legacy in his death than he did even as a Hall of Fame player.

Still Standing


Based on the life story of, George Chuvalo, a boxing legend who challenged for the world heavyweight championship twice and was never knocked down or knocked out in 93 professional fights (Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, and Floyd Patterson to name a small few). However, Chuvalo was knocked down 4 times outside of the ring with the loss of 3 sons and his wife to drug overdoses and suicide. Ali, who fought Chuvalo twice, said, "He's the toughest guy I've ever fought."